Ancestors in Thuengen, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany

Our Swiss ancestors working on a dairyfarm in Thuengen


Our g-g-grandfather Melchior Joseph Iten from Oberaegeri, Switzerland

emigrated earlier than 1878 to Thuengen near Karlstadt in Lower Franconia.

He worked as a milker, this was a typical profession for a Swiss man, so this profession was also called "Schweizer" in Germany, I think that he was working for the von Thuengen Family, because they had some big farms there. 


In 1878 Melchior Joseph married Anna Barbara Weidner from Hesslar, a neighbour village of Thuengen. After the death of Melchior Joseph Iten in 1891 his widow and children had to go back to Switzerland. This was because they had the Swiss citizenship and so the Swiss authorities hat to look after them not the Bavarians.


In the birth certificates of the sons Joseph Anton (1885) and Franz Joseph (1886) the father’s profession was “gutsherrschaftlicher Schweizer” and he lived in the house

Nr. 72 in Thuengen. In his death certificate of 1891 he was only a „Schweizer“ and he lived in a rented flat in the house Nr. 72 in Thuengen. He was born in Oberaegeri in Switzerland and his parents were: Anton Iten, Farmer, died earlier, and Rosa Iten, maiden name Bründler, still living.


I have got not only the certificates of the registry office but also some churchbooks entries: The marriage entry of Melchior Joseph Iten and Anna Barbara Weidner and also the death entry of Melchior Joseph Iten. In the last one he is mentionned as “Schweizer in Thuengen”, but with the address “Schlosshof Nr. 72”, which confirms my thought that he really worked on the farm of the von Thuengen family. The cause of death was tuberculosis and the funeral was one day after his death.


Melchior’s younger brother Joseph Anton emigrated also to Thuengen and married 1887 Margaretha Keller, widow of Karl Johann Amthor. As Jospeh Anton was also a “Schweizer in Thuengen” I think he also worked for the von Thuengen family. In a list of the inhabitans of Thuengen in the year 1928 there is a Anton Ithen mentionned. He was then an “Oberschweizer” means Obermelker (foreman of the milkers), and he lived at the Hauptstrasse 81 means Mainstreet 81. I think this is Johann Anton Iten, a son of Joseph Anton Iten. He came back to Switzerland in later years.



Another Milker from Oberaegeri in Thuengen


At the same time as my g-g-grandfather also emigrated a Bonaventura Rogenmoser from Oberaegeri to Thuengen. He was the son of Christian Rogenmoser and Emma Müller, silk weavers from Oberaegeri. At the time of the birth of daughter Maria Rosa in 1891 he was a “gutsherrschaftlicher Schweizer” and lived in a rented flat in the house Nr. 72 in Thuengen. He died in Würzburg in 1919 at the age of 68 years. There he lived with daughter Margareta Rogenmoser who was an unmarried factory worker. His wife Anna Maria Zenther, born in Acholshausen near Ochsenfurt, died in Würzburg in 1926 at the age of 71 years. She lived at the Rotkreuzhof with her son in law Leonhard Kretzer, Oberschweizer.


Bonaventura Rogenmoser was a halfbrother of Franz Paul Rogenmoser who was the father of Magdalena Crescentia Rogenmoser who was married to Oswald Iten in Unteraegeri. They were my g-g-grandparents on the side of my grandmother. Melchior Joseph Iten and Anna Barbara Weidner were my g-g-grandparents on the side of my grandfather.