Eigner, Wolff, Lehmann, Gutmann Families in the Palatinate


Clara Eigner was married to Samuel Straus and they both lived and died in Munich, Bavaria.



Emil Eigner in New York and California


Emil Eigner, son of Max Eigner and Helena Wolff, migrated to the United States in 1892. He travelled on the ship “Fürst Bismarck” from Hamburg to New York, where he arrived on 20th August 1892. His last residence in Europe was Heidelberg in Baden, Germany, his final destination was New York City. On 11th March 1899 he was naturalized in the United States, witness was William Reiss, salesman in New York. 1905 and 1910 Emil Eigner lived in Manhattan, New York with his aunt Therese Wolff and her nephew Gustave Lehman. 1910 he travelled again to Europe and applied for a passport. There it is mentioned his date of birth, his place of birth (Mannheim) and the date and place of his first arrival in the United States and also the facts about his naturalization, witness was Isaac Reiss, Greene Street, New York. 1918 he lived at 981 Madison Avenue in New York City and worked as sales manager at Chas Wolff & Co. at South Avenue in New York City. In his World War One Draft Registration Card he mentioned as next of kin his aunt Therese Wolff at 981 Madison Avenue in New York City. I couldn’t find him in the censuslists of 1920 but in 1930 he lived in Manhattan with Charles Stevens (director, publicity) and Helen Stevens, a theatrical actress. In 1939 Emil Eigner was in California and got married to Lucie Connoly or Connelly, maiden name Chidester. Her parents were David Chidester and Susanne Brockerman, both were born in Pennsylvania. For Lucie Chidester it was her second marriage, in 1910 she got married to Frank F. Connelly in Manhattan, New York. Then her parents were mentioned as David Chidester and Susanne Lambert. In 1940 Emil and Lucie Eigner lived in the District 6 in San Diego, California. In 1942 as his World War II Draft Registration Card says, they still lived at 434 Nutmeg Street in San Diego, the same address as at the time of their marriage. Lucy C. Eigner, born in Pennsylvania, died on 13.12.1942 in San Diego, Emil Eigner died on 26.03.1964. Both were buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego, California.



Maximilian Eigner and Helene Wolff (Sister of Judith Sophie Wolff)


Certificate of Marriage: Maximilian Eigner, paper hanger, home town Böchingen, son of the teacher Moses Eigner and his deceased wife Karolina Frank (… Mannheim) in Mannheim, at one part, and Helena Wolff, without profession, daughter of the salesman/merchant Isaak Wolff and his deceased wife Rosa Feistmann, on the other part, were married at the civil registry office on 2nd December 1875, which will be certified with this document.


Family Register Mannheim: Max Eigner, paper hanger of/at Rockenhausen, born on 15th June 1848, district of Landau, Bavaria, 29th October 1870. His wife Helena née Wolff of Altdorf, born on 15thSeptember 1848, on 2nd December 1875 got married in Altdorf. Their son Emil, born on 10th May 1877, their daughter Rosa, born 11th October 1879.


On findagrave you will find the following entry: Max Eigner,

*26.07.1848 in Berkenhausen / Rockenhausen, +08.06.1918 Mannheim

Helena (Lenchen) Wolff, *15.09.1848 in Altdorf, +14.03.1904 Mannheim

Both are buried on the Hauptfriedhof in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg.

Children of this couple: Emil (*1877), Rosa (*1879) und Clara (*1885)



Jakob Eigner and Bertha Kahn / Jacob Kahn and Maria Weil


Jakob Eigner, son of Moses Eigner and Carolina Frank, got married in Speyer, Palatinate, Bavaria on the 10.08.1874 to Bertha Kahn, daughter of Jakob Kahn and Barbara / Babette Hirsch. I suppose her father is the same Jacob Kahn who got married to Maria Weil in Speyer on the 20.05.1851. Jacob Kahn was born in Muenchweiler on the 02.09.1819 as son of Martin Kahn and Barbara Felsenthal. Maria Weil was born in Otterstadt on the 28.04.1819 as daughter of Isaac Weil and Judith Eppinger. Jacob Kahn and Maria Weil had four children, Johanna, Moritz, Ludwig and Emil Kahn, all born between 1852 and 1857. Johanna Kahn got married in Speyer on the 20.10.1881 to Benjamin Kleinberger, born in Odenbach, Canton Lauterecken, his parents: Josef Kleinberger and Katharina Weiler. Emil Kahn got married in Kaiserslautern on the 29.11.1894 to Eugenie Emilie Weiler, born in Kaiserslautern, her parents: Markus Weiler and Maria Anna Nathan. Emil and Eugenie Emilie had at least one son called Martin Jakob Kahn, born in Kaiserslautern.


Deutschland, Geburten und Taufen, 1558-1898 / Deutschland Heiraten 1558-1929 bei familysearch.



Father Moses Eigner, Jewish Teacher


The Jewish teacher Moses Eigner of Gaugrehweiler obtained his formation in a teachers college. In 1833 and 1834 he had to pass the exam in the following subjects: Elementary school-subjects, Jewish religion and traditions and Hebraic language. On 28th October 1837 he started his career as teacher in the newly erected Jewish school in Rockenhausen, district of Kirchheim. On 20th February 1850 he was transferred to the Jewish School in Altdorf, district of Landau and on 28th January 1853 he was transferred to the Jewish School in Böchingen, district of Landau.


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Amts- und Intelligenzblatt des Königlich Bayerischen Rheinkreises 1837

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Königlich bayerisches Amts- und Intelligenzblatt für die Pfalz, Speyer, 1853







Sigismund Lehmann and Judith Sophie Wolff (Sister of Helene Wolff)


Sigismund Lehmann got married to Judith Wolff at Speyer, Palatinate, Bavaria on the 05.01.1881. Sigismund was born on the 18.04.1856 in Gommersheim, Edenkoben as son of Marx Lehmann and Barbara Fitz. Judith Wolff was born on the 24.09.1856 in Altdorf, Edenkoben as daughter of Isaak Wolff and Rosa Feistmann.


In the City directories of Speyer Marx Lehmann shows up in 1881, 1885 and 1890 in the Judengasse 11, his profession was cattle dealer or merchant. 1892 there is his widow, but later she disapears. Sigmund Lehmann shows up from 1881 to 1904 and he was also a cattle dealer or merchant. 1881 he lived at the Pfaffengasse 2, 1885 at the Flachsgasse 4, 1890 at the Brudergasse 6, from 1892 until 1904 at the Herdstrasse 37. His widow Sophie Lehmann shows up from 1905 until 1914 at the Herdstrasse 37 in Speyer.


Sigismund and Judith Lehmann had eight children: Isidor, Karl, Julius, Bertha, Gustav, Rosa, Salome and Maximilian Israel. All eight children were born between 1881 and 1890 in Speyer, Palatinate, Bavaria. Gustav Lehmann lived with his aunt Therese Wolff and his cousin Emil Eigner in New York in 1905 and 1910. Unfortunately Gustav Lehmann died in Manhattan on the 31.01.1912 and his burial took place in New York on the 02.02.1912. His death certificate mentions the names of his parents as Siegmund Lehmann and Sophie W., both were born in Germany.


Isidore Lehmann moved also to the United States, but I couldn't find the matching passenger manifest. In 1918 he was a salesman with Cadillac Garment Company and mentionned his uncle Max Wolf in New York City in his World War I Draft Registration Card. On the 15.07.1919 Isidore Lehman got married to Ruth Loewenstein, a daughter of Simon Loewenstein and Frederica Weilbrun/Weilburn, in Mount Clemens, Michigan. This marriage was cancelled or divorced in a very short time because the same Isidore Lehmann got married again on 08.04.1920. His new bride was Clara Weiskopf (born in Illinois), a daughter of Harry Weiskopf and Rose Freud/Freund. In 1930 Isidore and Clara Lehmann lived with heir son Robert in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. In 1940 Isidore lived in the Hotel Phoenix in Detroit and worked as a salesman in a Wholsale Uniform Company.


Julius Karl Lehmann, born on the 15.08.1883 in Speyer, later lived in Francfort on the Main, Neustadt on the Weinstrasse and Mannheim. His deportation to Gurs, France occured on the 22.10.1940 and his deportation to Auschwitz occured on the 10.08.1942. Maximilian Lehmann, born on the 10.10.1890 in Speyer, later lived in Nuremberg, at Lindenaststrasse 26, and his deportation to Riga-Jungfernhof occured on the 29.11.1941. His wife was Paula Schild, born on the 24.07.1887 in Würzburg, got married on the 19.05.1920 in Nuremberg and their son Martin Lehmann, born on the 22.08.1926 in Nuremberg. They both lived on the same address in Nuremberg and were deported on the same day to Riga-Jungfernhof as Maximilian Lehmann. Paula Schild was the daughter of Max Schild, who was born in Hoellrich and died in Würzburg, and Ernestine Pfeuffer. She was born in Giebelstadt as daughter of Lippmann Pfeuffer and Regina Zucker.


Their sister Salome Lehmann managed to emigrate from Germany to the United States in October 1938. She travelled under the name Selma Lehmann from Rotterdam to New York on the ship Nieuw Amsterdam. On familysearch you will find her Intention of and Petition for Naturalization of the 17.08.1944 with the following information: She was born on the 15.03.1889 in Speyer and got married to Johannes Abrahamsson in Muehlhausen on the 14.05.1914. Johannes was born in Danzig on the 31.05.1884 and he died in Berlin in October 1939. They got divorced in Berlin in 1930 and Selma Lehmann's last residence before her emigration was in Nuremberg, Germany.


Her passenger manifest reveals the following information: Relative in Germany: Sister B. Spanier, Saalbaustrasse 88 in Darmstadt, Hessen. Relative in the United States: Cousin M. Pachner, 1824 Narragansett Pelham Avenue, New York. I think this was Marcella Pachner, née Wolff who was married to Gustav Pachner. His father, the hat manufacturer Isaac Pachner, was married to Marcella's mother Adeline Wolff who was the widow of Charles Wolff in Paris.


Selma's sister Bertha Lehmann was married to Henri Spanier. He was born in Oldendorf in the District Minden in Westfalen and died in the WW1 in Le Quesne, France on the 23. October 1914. At this time the merchant Henri Spanier lived at Saalbaustrasse 38 in Darmstadt. He served as reservist in the 1st Company of the Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 116. His father, the merchant Moritz Spanier, lived in Lübbecke, Westfalen and his mother Flora Spanier, née Stein lived in Bielefeld. This information is taken from the death record of Henri Spanier in the Darmstadt death register 1915/392, death record Nr. 55 of the 13rd January 1915 (see online on LAGIS Hessen). His mother Flora Stein Spanier, born on the 3rd April 1858 in Preussisch Oldendorf, as daughter of Hermann Stein and Johanna Ehrlich, died in Mannheim on the 1st November 1919 and was buried on the Hauptfriedhof in Mannheim



On the Jewish Cemetery at the Wormser Landstrasse in Speyer are buried:

Lehmann Marx, *01.05.1826, +15.03.1891

Lehmann Sigismund, *18.04.1856, +17.12.1904

Lehmann Sophie, geb. Wolff, *24.09.1856, +20.06.1932


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Aron Lehmann und Bertha Gutmann / Schwestern Jette und Gitta Gutmann


Aron Lehmann, born on 06.02.1860 in Gommersheim, Rhineland-Paltinate, as son of Marx Lehmann and Barbara Fitz, married Bertha Gutmann, born on 05.06.1866 in Braunsbach, Kreis Künzelsau, Baden-Württemberg as daughter of the cattle dealer Wolf Gutmann and Rosa Schlachter. Bertha had at least two sisters, Jette Königsberger and Gitta Neumeyer. Aron and Bertha Lehmann had at least two children, Julius Lehmann (*03.10.1884) and Regina Lehmann (*17.09.1886).


Jette Königsberger, née Gutmann, born on the 16.06.1869 in Braunsbach, Baden-Württemberg, married Bernhardt Königsberger. Jette Königsberger was deported from Stuttgart to Terezin on the 23.08.1942 where she died on the 25.12.1942. She had three children, Rosa Richel Moritz, Gustav Gerson Königsberger and Hedwig Hindel Freimark, all were born in Weikersheim. 


Gitta Neumeyer, née Gutmann, born on the 08.06.1871 in Braunsbach, Baden-Württemberg, married Salomon Neumeyer in Braunsbach on the 24.12.1889. He was born on the 08.09.1856 in Oberdorf, Kreis Neresheim as son of Alexander Neumeyer and Rosalie Badtmann. Gitta Neumeyer was deported from Munich to Terezin on the 11.06.1942 and from Terezin to Treblinka on the 19.09.1942. Her husband was deported with her to Terezin and died there on the 23.06.1942.


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